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New York Stock Brokers: Halsey & Hudnut

Princeton alumni magazine advertisement, October 27, 1898


Langlois scan


Princeton University, Class of 1886, After 25 Years:


"R. T." was born in Elizabeth, N. J., August 28, 1865, son of W. F. Halsey and Fanny E. Haines. He prepared for college at St. Paul's, entered college in '82 and was graduated A.B. in '86. A brother, Dr. John Halsey, was in '91. 

From '86 to '88 he was in the well-known banking house of Brown Brothers & Co., New York, and from '89 to '91 with Homans & Co. In 1891 he bought a seat in the Stock Exchange and started business with Alexander M. Hudnut '81, under the firm name of Halsey & Hudnut. He has served as a Governor of the Stock Exchange for several years.

Aside from business, "R. T." has made a reputation as an author, having written in 1899, an elaborate, highly praised and expensive book, entitled "Pictures of Early New York on Dark Blue Staffordshire Pottery"; "Historical Introduction to the Letters of a Fanner in Pennsylvania" in 1903, and "The Boston Port Bill as Pictured by a Contemporary London Cartoonist", published by the Grolier Club in 1904. He prepared in 1906 the catalogue, with historical introduction, for the Boston Museum of Fine Arts on "American Silver and Silversmiths of the 17th and i8th Centuries", and he has contributed articles to Scribner's Magazine on "Josiah Wedgwood, American Sympathizer and Portrait Maker", and on "Edward G. Malbone, America's great 18th Century Miniaturist".

For ten years he has been on the Council of the Grolier Club and on January 7, 1910, Mayor Gaynor appointed him a member of the Municipal Art Commission. 

On January 18, 1894, he was married to Miss Helen Romans, of New York who died several years ago. On February 18, 1909 he was married to Mrs. Effie Underbill Grossman, daughter of John T. Underbill, of New York, in the Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church. Gaylord White performed the ceremony.

"R. T." belongs to the Century, Racquet, University, Grolier, Princeton, Midday, and Ardsley Clubs.

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