Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Updating the Joyce/Chappell List: The Chattanooga Medicine Company - 2 1/2 Cent Stamp Cancels and Updated List

I haven't even finished two companies worth of printed cancels and I am already weary of individually selecting and posting each stamp in my collection.  So, from here on out I will supply edited versions of the quadrille pages that hold many of my stamps.  Below are two scans of the 2 1/2 cent stamps with Chattanoonga printed cancels.

The layouts below and all future displayed hinged stamps on quadrille pages are of the same origin and come from the collection of Henry Tolman II.  Mr. Tolman developed a substantial collection of printed cancels, and incorporate many of the stamps in the Joyce lists.  Click on the images below to get a more detailed look at the stamps.

Below is a link to an excel file of Joyce/Chappell list plus other cancels that are known to exist.  Those that have the ability to provide updates to this list and can confirm and especially send scanned images of the cancels that I don't have are highly encouraged to confirm and send those images. 

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