Friday, May 14, 2010

Cancel for May 14: J. P. Morgan & Company

Approximately 3 years ago a series of lots were offered on Ebay by a seller in the United Kingdom.  The lots consisted of 1898 series revenues on document fragments.  All seemed to be from firms engaging in equity transactions.  Below is a prime example of one of those fragments, cancelled by J. P. Morgan and Company. 

Cancels on document fragment by J. P. Morgan and Company

Hyphen-hole versions of:
R166 4 cent documentary
R172 80 cent documentary
R185 2 dollar documentary

Reverse side of fragment with corporate branding for
Drexel & Company in Philadelphia
Morgan, Haries & Company in Paris

Drexel and Company:  Founded in 1838 by Francis Martin Drexel.  The company experienced early success from opportunities created by gold discoveries in California.  A. J. Drexel, the son of Francis Martin Drexel,  became the head of Drexel & Company when his father died in 1863. A.J.  partnered with J.P. Morgan and created one of the largest banking companies in the world, Drexel, Morgan & Co., which might explain the formal association with Morgan, Haries on the transaction fragment posted above.

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