Saturday, May 29, 2010

Cancel for May 30: Peoria, Decatur, and Evansville Railway

P. E. & E. R Y.

In 1879, a railroad known as the Pekin, Lincoln and Decatur moved into southeast Illinois by taking over the Decatur, Mattoon and Southern.  When it did so it was renamed the Peoria, Decatur, and Evansville Railway.  In 1900, the year of the date of the cancel above, the railroad was sold at auction to the Illinois Central, and much of its rail lines were operated by the IC for the next 76 years.  You can find a more detailed history of the PD&E by clicking here.

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  1. Mr Langlois, I enjoyed reading the history of the PD&E. My Grandfather (Edward Alvin Brumley) was an engineer on the Illinois Central (based in Palestine) for the first half of the 20th Century, until the end of the steam engine era. My father (William Wayne Brumley) was a firemen on the IC for a short while too before joining the Navy to fight in WWII.
    Ed Brumley