Monday, May 11, 2009

One Cent Documentary: Uses -- Printed Cancels

I started this blog with a series of railroad hand stamped cancels on the 2 cent documentary. Below is a set of three printed cancels placed on the one cent documentary. Printed cancels were made by high-volume users of revenue stamps like railroads and banks. This makes the stamp immediately below all the more unusual.

Just why would the Windsor County Clerk's Office in Woodstock, Vermont need so many one cent documentary stamps that they would order sheet(s?) of stamps with this printed cancellation? If you google J. R. Pember and Windsor County you can find out that his full name was Jay Read Pember.

The Chicago and North Western Railway used this stamp in 1900.

American Express issued its first travellers checks in 1891. This stamp is interesting as it has a printed cancel, a handstamp from the AMEX office in Racine, Wisconsin, and a solid right-side guideline.

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