Saturday, May 9, 2009

Graded Stamps: Graded Revenues

1898 Revenues is pleased to announce its new stamp grading program. After careful consideration and a survey of the revenue stamp market, it is clear that this type of service, so popular with postage stamps, is now suitable for the revenue stamp market. Demand is high for graded postage stamps, even in the current economy. We believe that in only a short period of time that we will enable the full erosion of revenue stamp collecting and can hand the high end of the hobby to speculators, just has been done to US postage stamps!

Above is our first graded revenue stamp. The 1 1/4 cent proprietary has been graded at 100BJQ, the highest grade possible for a revenue stamp. Our team of grading experts, using strict and formal criteria, have combined their skilled judgment with a process that includes high-cost electron microscopy techniques and x-rays at zero-gravity to insure that the stamp, even on the inside, is true to the grade for which it is assigned. Margins are well balanced and wide. The color is bright and nearly fluorescent. The impression is sharp and clear. You are unlikely to find a battleship revenue of this quality in a lifetime (of a fruit fly).
This is a very important stamp. It is important because we say it is. Isn't contrived scarcity, manipulated right in everybody's faces great? We figure the public will get suckered by this nonsense for years, about the same amount of time it took before the stamp market boom of the late 70s collapsed in the early 80s.
But we digress. Back to this very important stamp.

Catalogue value: $00.2
We are pleased to make this stamp available for $11,500.

Cripes, how long can this charade go on?

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