Friday, December 14, 2012

Chicago Board of Trade Members: Schwartz, Dupee & Company

The firm of Schwartz, Dupee held memberships on the New York Stock Exchange and the Chicago Board of Trade.  Below are two photos from the 1897 King's Views of the New York Exchange.  The cancels on the stamps in this post were placed in Chicago.

Schwartz, Dupee & Co.
JAN  31    1901

David Thompson scan

Chicago Board of Trade Members of the firm Schwartz, Dupee included:
CBOT #3462   Gustavus A. Schwartz
CBOT #430  John Dupee Jr.
CBOT #6044 Isaac Bloom
CBOT #6260  John W. Conley

From A History of Chicago, Its Men and Institutions:

John Dupee, of the Board of Trade firm of Schwartz, Dupee & Company, was born at Bangor, Maine, and is the son of John and Eleanor Winslow (Pratt) Dupee.  He was educated in the Boston  public schools, in which city his parents resided except for a brief period, and after his graduation form the Park Latin School he began his business career as an employee of the house of Howe & Leeds, wholesale grocers.  In 1883, together with the late Mr. Charles Schwartz, Mr. Dupee organized the firm of Schwartz, Dupee.  In 1884 Mr. G. A. Schwartz was admitted as a partner, and in 1891 Mr. John W. Conley, who for a long time was connected with John F. Rumsey & Company, and Mr. I. J. Bloom were admitted to membership.  Mr. Charles Schwartz died in 1893, and Mr. G. A. Schwartz retired September 1, 1899.

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