Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Chicago Board of Trade Members: C. A. Jennings of The N. K. Fairbank Company

NOV  23   1899

Langlois scan

Mr. Jennings was with the N. K. Fairbank Company, a manufacturer of lard and soaps.  He was member #6007 of the Chicago Board of Trade.

The N.K. Fairbank Co. no doubt maintained a registered trader on the CBOT to purchase contracts for some of the primary inputs for the consumer products that it manufactured including soap and baking products.  They prospered in a city with great meat packing companies like Armour where meat packing by-products were plentiful.   The company had factories in Chicago, St. Louis, Montreal and Louisiana and had international offices in the United Kingdom and Germany. Gold Dust Washing Powder was one of the most successful cleansing product lines in twentieth century North America.

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