Sunday, April 22, 2012

New York Stock Brokers: Norton & Tunstall

advert, NY Evening Post, January 25, 1899

The firm of Norton & Tunstall was dissolved circa 1899, in the year of this advert and the cancel below.  Mr. Tunstall began his career on Wall Street and worked his way up from office boy at the firm Haven & Stout.  Tunstall would leave and go to the firm of Macy & Pendleton, where E. Hope Norton was a client.  From their days at Macy & Pendleton, Henry Tunstall would start a partnership with E. Hope Norton.  It is reported that Norton purchased Mr. Tunstall's seat on the exchange.  Their partnership was shortlived. 

I am intereseted in other cancels by the Norton & Tunstall firm or from Tunstall's independent firm after he broke up his patnership with Norton.  Please write to


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  1. Henry G. Tunstall and E. Hope Norton have marked their names in this broker's business. They've made a significant contribution that we still enjoy to use now.

    Cathy Walker
    Freight Broker Customers