Sunday, April 15, 2012

Specimen Stamps: A New Web Site

In the March 1-2, 2012 Robert Siegel sale, a battleship stamp with a "SPECIMEN" overprint was sold.  You can view that lot at Stamp Auction Network by clicking here.  Until this lot showed up I had never considered that the battleships might have had specimen overprints, even though the time period of their issue was consistent with specimen overprints on other US stamps.  Subsequently I have done nothing to follow up on this new vein of collecting possibility in battleships.  However, along has come a new resource on the web published by a specialist in specimen overprints that might help shed some light on these peculiar overprints.

R163 1c Documentary with Type G Specimen Overprint
Robert Siegel sale #1019, Lot #1023
This lot went to an unknown bidder

David Schwarz publishes a website/blog entitled "US Specimen Stamps" that you can find by clicking here.  David began publishing in August last year and to date has focused exclusively on US specimens.  I urge you to visit this site and take a look; the stamp images are fabulous and the content is informative and fascinating. 

What I particularly appreciate about this relatively new site is the attempt by David to use the web, and especially the interactive and conveniently iterative blog format, to feature and encourage the sharing of information and the accumulation of knowledge about his field of specialty.  This is the same thing we are trying to do here at 1898 Revenues.

And with the the recent sale of the R163 specimen shown above, there is now an intersection of interest between our two websites beyond intent.  While there is more work to be done, I look forward to collaboration to learn more about revenue specimens, especially those on the 1898 series. 

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