Friday, April 13, 2012

New York Stock Brokers: Boody, McLellan & Company

New York Times advert, 1899


David Thompson scan

Yesterday Frank Sente posted a memorandum of sale from Austin Greer to Boody, McLellan, with the cancels of Mr. Greer.  Today I offer a cancel by Boody, McLellan & Company on a R173 submitted by David Thompson.

As Frank noted, Boody McLellan was an older and established brokerage house by 1898.  According to King's Views of the New York Stock Exchange, the older Mr. Boody no longer held a seat on the Exchange by 1898, while his son, Henry Boody, did.  Likely the partners Boody & McLellan entrusted the youngest to conduct the business on the floor while the older partners minded the office and the business lunches.


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