Friday, December 30, 2011

New York Stock Brokers: Dominick & Dominick

January 1904 Dominick & Dominick column advertisement

Dominick & Dominick
FEB    4    1902
New York.

Langlois scan

These photos of the partners in the Dominick & Dominick firm were taken in 1897 for the book King's Views of the New York Stock Exchange when the firm was still named Dominick & Dickerman.  Before the end of the 1898 tax period, Watson Dickerman departed the firm, with the consequent rename of the firm to Dominick & Dominick. 

Dominick & Dominick still exists today as an independent financial services firm specializing in wealth management, institutional trading, investment banking, and risk management.

Bayard Dominick Jr. succeeded his father to become the senior partner and the firm entered the investment banking business.  In 1919 D&D headed a syndicate which underwrote $50 million General Motors 6% Preferred Stock -- the largest industrial company underwriting of its kind up to that point. 

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