Sunday, December 25, 2011

1000th Post Milestone for 1898 Revenues

Frank Sente called to my attention the fact that this month, and with this post, 1898 Revenues has now reached the milestone of 1000 published posts. 

1000 Dollar James Madison documentary stamp from the Scarsdale sale.  This stamp is the single 1000 Dollar value of the 1898 series.

This site began in March 2009.  With nearly daily updates or entries to the site, we've managed to get to 1000 posts before the end of 2011.  Few blogs on the web can claim this kind of intensity of new content production. 

I state that "we've managed to get 1000 posts", as I've had help from many contributors.  Special thanks go David Thompson, Frank Sente, and Bob Hohertz, though there have been a host of others that have shared their material, from individual stamps to exhibits.

As part of the experience of publishing this site I've found it relatively easy to identify new ideas and subjects for daily updates and posts.  The blog format fits very well with subject of revenue stamps and their cancels.  Despite 1000 posts to date, I've still got hundreds of post ideas in the cue -- many sent to me by collectors like David Thompson -- and many more written up by veteran collectors like Frank Sente. 

So as this year comes to end and we start a new one, I expect another year of productive blog publishing.  Thanks for reading and Happy New Year!


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