Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Cancel for December 1: Woodworth - Hawley Co.

Woodworth - Hawley Co.
Buffalo, N.Y.

Woodworth-Hawley was an insurance company located at 7 West Seneca at the Chamber of Commerce in Buffalo.

In the newspaper the Buffalo Express of Saturday, March 29, 1919, Woodworth-Hawley took out two large adverts on page 5.  The lower ad on the page is an amusing one, and consists of a reproduction of a hand-written note that reads as follows:

Dear John: -
I had an awful accident yesterday with the Automobile.  Will tell you all about it when you come.  I'm your black-eyed Mary now.  Hope my eyes will be blue again before you get home.

I telephoned Woodworth-Hawley Co., Chamber of Commerce Building, Seneca 18, and they were perfectly nice about it.  They told me not to worry or send for you.  They atended everything promptly and pleasantly.  It is terrible to have an accident but it helps awfully when the insurance is alright and we don't lose any money or be bothered and worried by a lawsuit.

I am counting the days until you come.  Love and kisses from Junior and your

P.S. Doctor says there won't be any permanent scars.

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