Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cancel for November 3: Pennsylvania Railroad

P.  R.  R.
NOV    3   1898

During the early 20th century the PRR was the most highly valued corporation in the world.  By the 1970s it would suffer an inglorious collapse with its merger to its greatest competitor, the New York Central, to create the Penn Central.  The Penn Central in turn would suffer one of the most high profile collapses in American corporate history.  But in its day the PRR was a great company, and possessed a huge fleet of steam and electric locomotives.  Today you can see examples of these locomotives at the Strasbourg Railroad Museum in Pennsylvania.

The Pennsy's T1 locomotive, an advanced and sophisticated steam locomotive developed during World War II.  Development was expensive as was its operation, and the investment in steam while other railroads switched to diesel presaged the decline of the railroad. 

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