Sunday, December 30, 2012

David Thompson's 2 Cent Documentary Block of 6 with Double Transfer

There are not too many fly-speckers out there in philately anymore, especially for the battleship revenues, for which fly specks, e.g. double transfers, plate scratches, layout lines among others, are quite common.  But David Thompson keeps his magnifying glass handy and his scanner to more closely examine his battleships.  We don't report every new finding on this site, but occasionally there is an interesting item.  Today we present an R164 block of six with two fly-speckable stamps, one with a plate scratch and the other with a double transfer.  See the upper right and middle right stamps in the block below.

 Below:  Upper right stamp with double transfer.  David has marked the clear DT points with white arrows:

 Upper right stamp with double transfer showing across "TWO CENTS":

 Middle right stamp with plate scratch noticeable in the right margin.

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