Wednesday, March 31, 2021

New York Stock Brokers: Thomas L. Manson & Company

Column Advert, The Sun, April 21, 1904

Sale memo for 100 shares of Southern Railway 

This memo, like all those posted in the past week, comes from the Eames and Moore pile that David Thompson shared with me a few weeks back.  I've been looking over some of my previously posted memos and I'm finding many memos written to Eames and Moore.  I can't help but think that some stamp dealer on Nassau Street, located very near the Stock Exchange, knew someone in the Eames and Moore firm when they were getting rid of old files and documents since there are so many of these out there.  I also figure they pulled out the good ones with the high dollar values, easily parting with the $1 and $2 taxed memos.  

T. L. M. & CO.
MAR  29  1901
New  York 

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