Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A. B. Parmelee & Son, Malone, New York

Back in May, 2010, I posted the copy of R184 below with the "A. B. P. & Son" cancel, listing the initials as unknown.  The mystery was solved a few weeks later when a comment was placed by the Historian of Franklin County, New York -- more below.  In the years since May 2010, Bart Rosenberg sent in the scan of the 25c battleship with an A. B. P. & Son cancel.  So here is a reprise of the copy of R184 with Bart's stamp, and the comments of the Franklin County Historian:

A. B. P. & Son.,
Malone, N. Y.

Bart Rosenberg scan

A. B. P. & Son.,
Malone,  N. Y.

Langlois scan

"I think the "A.B.P. & Son" is A.B. Parmelee & Son, a business operating in Franklin County, NY at that time. A.B. Parmelee was the son of pioneer preacher Rev. Ashbel Parmelee, who was the first settled clergy in Franklin County and the founding pastor of First Congregational Church of Malone. A.B. Parmelee and his son Morton S. Parmelee ran logging and lumbering operations, mills, and engaged in land parceling and development. A.B. Parmelee was the uncle of U.S. Congressman Ashbel Parmelee Fitch.

Anne Werley Smallman
Executive Director
Franklin County Historical & Museum Society
Malone, NY

Reverend Ashbel Parmelee

The Rev. Ashbel Parmelee was the leading abolitionist in Malone. He was the pastor of the First Congregational Church, a documented site on the New York Underground Railroad Heritage Trail, where anti-slavery meetings were held and where it is believed fugitive slaves were secreted in the basement.  From the website of the North Country Underground Railroad Historical Association.

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