Monday, July 9, 2012

Chicago & West Michigan Railway

Or is it Pere Marquette?  Or the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern?  There is much going on with this check:

RN-X7 tax stamp printed check, prepared for the Chicago & West Michigan Railway, overstamped by the Pere Marquette Railroad and with a paid stamp from the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railway.

The Pere Marquette Railroad was created on November 1, 1899, and absorbed through merger three railroads on January 1, 1900:  the Flint and Pere Marquette Railroad, the Detroit, Grand Rapids and Western Railroad, and the Chicago and Western Michigan Railway.

The Chicago & West Michigan check above was written only 12 days after the railway was merged into the Pere Marquette.  The PM RR, rather than throwing out a tax paid and preprinted check by C&WM Ry, simply overstamped their own name across the top of the check.

As to the use of the check, and with help from Bob H:  The PMRR hauled some cars belonging to the LS&MS the month before (actually, the C&WM did since the PM didn't own them yet.) and they are collecting mileage from the LS&MS.  The PM wrote up this draft and sent it to the LS&MS, who audited it, approved it (that oval "correct" stamp at lower left) and paid the money. 

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