Wednesday, June 6, 2012

New York Stock Brokers: Halle & Stieglitz

A CDS cancel by Halle & Stieglitz on a R175 pair was featured on this site back in January.  Yesterday, a CDS cancel by Haven & Stout featured.  For both of these cancels, the firm's names are spelled out, leaving no doubt about the origin of each cancel.  Yet in each case, the brokerage firm's initials are H & S. 

For years I've had mulitple off-document examples of this cancel in my collection:

H.  &  S.

I was never sure of the originator of this cancel, whether Halle & Stieglitz, Haven & Stout, or another.  Fortunately, a packet of broker Memoranda of Sale arrived awhile back and I have an answer.

In the same batch of MOSs were other H&S documents that include several examples of a long straight-line cancel:

If you have another example of a different type H&S cancel, please contact me at

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