Monday, June 11, 2012

M.C.R.R.: Maine Central Railroad or Michigan Central Railroad?


Michigan Central Railroad or Maine Central Railroad?  The two stamps below come from a calendar of stamps that was once in the collection of Henry Tolman.  That calendar is replete with stamps from the midwestern properties of the Vanderbilts, in particular the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railway.  There are numerous M. C. R. R. cancels from the Michigan Central, also a Vanderbilt property.  In both cases below the cancels are of a small font, both serif and sans serif.

The Maine Central, which also used M. C. R. R. cancels, used a much larger font, at least in the example of the bill of lading below.  I seek more examples of MCRR cancels if you have different types.  Please contact me or send scans to  Thanks!

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