Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Riley's Fiscal Philatelic Literature Handbook

Kudos to the American Revenue Association, Bob Hohertz and all involved in getting a pdf version of this very useful bibliography of US revenue stamp literature on the ARA website.  You can download an electronic copy of this volume at the link below, or go to the ARA website and find the link there.

To quote the ARA site:

This publication appeared as the June 1997 issue of The American Revenuer. This index was compiled by R. F. Riley and contains a listing of over 11,500 articles about revenue stamps worldwide which have appeared in various periodicals. The listing extends back over 100 years and includes coverage of now defunct publications as well as many still publishing (such as The American Revenuer).

All entries are listed by key words which describe the country and the content of the article. Th is is part of an on-going work. This publication is extremely useful to any philatelist or dealer who needs to know what information has been written about revenue stamps.

The publication is now available as an Adobe Acrobat file and can be downloaded at no charge. It is searchable and can be used with Acrobat versions 7.0 and above. The file is large, 65.0 Mb, and download time may be considerable on slower Internet connections.

Link to Riley's Fiscal Philatelic Literature Handbook

This bibliography is a very helpful tool in the study of 1898 revenues.


  1. A big thanks to Dan Harding for creating the searchable pdf of the Riley Handbook.

    The next big issue is how to bring it into the twenty-first century and then maintain it.

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