Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Ebay: Proprietary Plate Strips

There is a lot of low denonmination 10-stamp wide plate strips currently for sale on Ebay through buy-it-now.  From the pictures and description they appear to be all 1/8c RB20s and 5/8c Rb23s.  The sale price is $595, way over what I would consider reasonable, but who knows, maybe there is a buyer out there.

In the desciption the dealer writes in screaming capitals that some of the strips have inverted watermarks.  David Thompson sent this comment by email about the dealer's watermark comments: 

"...this dealer is making a big deal about the INVERTED WATERMARK!  He calls this an error, this is no error, just normal production run handling, all stamps that have watermarks can have an inverted watermark, along with all different type of orientations, what seems to be the hardest to find is a normal watermark.  Of course when you watermark a stamp you start off looking the back of the stamp, so you're already initially confused about the orientation, some people think a normal watermark should show."

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