Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bills of Lading with Printed Cancels: Fremont, Elkhorn & Missouri Valley Railroad

Waybill for freight from the firm E. E. Bruce & Company transported on the Freemont, Elkhorn & Missori Valley Railroad.  The waybill includes a one cent documentary tax stamp with a printed cancel from the FE&MVRR.

The E. E. Bruce Company made its founder, Edward Bruce, a very wealthy man.  His prosperity as a businessman in Omaha, Nebraska, gave him a position of leadership in the community.  One of the most famous events commemorated in American philately, that honoring the Trans-Mississippi exhibition held in Omaha from June to November 1898, was in part managed by Mr. Bruce.  Bruce was the exhibits manager for the 4,062 exhibits, for a fair that covered 108 city blocks.

Country Club Bourbon
sold by E. E. Bruce of Omaha, Nebraska

While by title a druggist, Mr. Bruce made most of his fortune through the distribution and sale of alcohol.  E. E. Bruce sold wine, whiskey, and brandy, among other spirits, and had a substantial sale network that spread west all the way to the Pacific.  Bruce sourced his whiskey in likely places like Kentucky, then packaged and shipped it west.

Fremont, Elkhorn & Missouri Valley Railroad printed cancel with 1900 year date.
The Fremont Elkhorn was a part of the Chicago & Northwestern system.

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