Friday, February 17, 2012

Bills of Lading with Printed Cancels: Burlington & Missouri River Railroad in Nebraska

Waybill for transport of goods on the Burlington & Missouri River Railroad in Nebraska by Walter G. Clark Company.  The documentary tax was paid by a 1 cent battleship with a B&MRRR printed cancel.  See the closeup below.

Burlington and Missouri River Railroad in Nebraska cancels have been featured before in posts on this site.  The B&MRRR in Nebraska was a component of the Chicago, Burlington & Quincey Railroad.



B. & M. R. R. R. 



B. & M. R. R. R. In Neb.
Received on
JUL   2   1900

The bill of lading was printed specifically for the firm of Walter G. Clark Company of Omaha, which meant the firm had repeated need for these bills and must have conducted a large share of its business via rail.  The firm traded in sporting goods, and did business in fire arms and ammunition.  The specific purpose of this bill was to document the shipment of "1 box Ld shells" and 1 Box empty shells".  What were the shells?  Ammunition of some sort perhaps, or something far more benign?  A little searching came up with this great shot of a an old Walter G. Clark baseball bat, confirming the firm's broader trade in sporting products, including their manufacture.

The bat is currently on sale at this webite.

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