Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Cancel for December 16: Joseph S. Angeny Jr. Apothecary

DEC 16
In an 1896 edition of the newspaper the Ambler Gazette there are several mentions of the J.S. Angeny pharmacy selling various patent medicines of the era including Chamberlain's cough medicine and H. E. Bucklin's New Life Pills, companies that used large quantities of battleship proprietaries and used printed cancellations.

H.  E.  B.  & CO.
JULY   1   1898

H. E. Bucklin printed cancel on eighth cent proprietary.  Cancel of July 1, 1898 marks the first day the tax was in effect. 

Herbert Bucklin’s Chicago-based company produced four patent medicines including:

1. Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption, Coughs and Colds
2. Bucklin's Arnica Salve
3. Electric Bitters
4. Dr. King's New Life Pills.

And the company spent widely in the United States to advertise these products, which might explain the mention in Joseph Angeny's advertising in the Ambler Gazette.  Much more on Bucklin and his products will come later when company's printed cancels are examined in greater detail on this site.

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