Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cancel for December 15: Johnson & Johnson


Much more common as a cancel on the proprietary series of stamps, this Johnson and Johnson date stamp was used on this 2 cent documentary.  Firms in the proprietary medicine business were regularly hit with both proprietary and documentary stamp taxes.  Johnson and Johnson used large numbers of handstamped proprietary battleships yet they also had their own private die made:

Johnson and Johsnon produced a private die proprietary stamp based on the basic design of the battleship revenue stamp.  More regarding Johnson and Johnson 1898s at rdhinstl's site (the private die image above is from that site).  On that site you'll see a CDS used on a proprietary stamp that is smilar to that used on the 2 cent documentary above.

Robert Wood Johnson, founder of Johnson and Johnson
His company is a corporate and health products icon today.

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