Monday, June 1, 2009

Battleship Revenues: 10 Cent Documentary

According to the tax act of 1898 requiring this stamp series, specific uses for the 10 cent stamp included:
  • Bills of lading or receipt for any goods, merchandise, or effects, to be exported from a port or place in the US to any foreign port or place.
  • Certificates of any description required by law but not otherwise specified in this Act.
  • Broker's note or memorandum of sale of any goods or merchandise, stocks, bonds, exchange, real estate, or property of any kind or description issued by brokers or persons acting as such, for each note or memorandum of sale, not otherwise provided for in this Act.
  • Powers of Attorney or proxy for voting at any election for officers of any incorporated company or association, except religious, charitable, or literary societies, or public ceremonies.

Lastly, the 10 cent value was often used in multiples to make up larger value tax requirements for many different types of documentary taxes.

Unused roulette single.

Unused hyhen hole single.

Unused hyphen hole block of 4 with right side margin selvage and lower half of guideline arrow.

Unused roulette plate number single. Fine centering.

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