Tuesday, June 16, 2009

American Express Printed Cancels: Varieties of Subtype B

American Express 189x sans serif printed cancels subtype B, where each of the seven stamps below has the 1 of the 189x year date under the center of the X in the AM. EX. CO. portion of the cancel. The following stamp is "normal" with three rectangular equal size periods and normally formed letters.

Subtype B, "normal"

Subtype B, rouletted stamp with large period after "CO".

Subtype B, hyphen hole stamp with large period after "CO".

Subtype B, thin period after "EX".

Subtype B, no period after "EX".

Subtype B, rounded period afer "EX", appears somewhat like doubled vertical oval.

Subtype B, round period after "AM".

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