Friday, April 23, 2021

1898 Revenues COVID Edition: GET VACCINATED!!


Breaking news: 04/23/2021, 19:00 EDT -- Pause on the use of J&J vaccine lifted. 

Please get vaccinated!  As the US moves towards herd immunity, vaccines are the key, yet we've now entered the most difficult phase of the process.  Early and ready adopters have been lining up to get vaccinated and creating high demand for the shots.  But we are starting to enter a phase, especially in some areas and states, where demand is starting to flag.  The US needs to get to a place where we have 80% immunity in order to stop the epidemic; the world likely needs to see similar results to stop the pandemic.

Yes, the Jannsen/Johnson&Johnson (J&J) vaccine has been briefly pulled from use due to rare complications.  This is not  a reason to stay away from COVID vaccines, especially the messenger RNA-based Moderna and Pfizer vaccines, but also the J&J vaccine which is based on different (and older and more established) technology.

I received the J&J shot 11 days ago.  For four days I experienced mild flu like symptoms, which are not unusual and not considered a problem.  But I now feel totally fine.  But more importantly I'm protected from acute COVID.  The rest of my family is all getting the Pfizer vaccine, and they are currently between doses 1 and 2.  Everybody is well and healthy.

Meanwhile, those reticent or resistant to getting the vaccine will help the virus continue to spread, forcing us to achieve herd immunity the slow, deadly, and old fashioned way: infection, replication, retransmission with acute morbidities and mortality.  

BTW: Today is the one year anniversary of the call by our President to test the injecting of disinfectants.  Please don't try this.  GET THE VACCINE.  And skip the chloroquine.  I took the stuff for two years in the 80's as a malaria prophylaxis in West Africa.  It tastes terrible and gives you bad dreams.  Never mind that it has no effect on COVID.  Johnson & Johnson hasn't been around for over 120 years because it simply has ideas or thoughts.  I'm collecting their cancels from 1898 at the same time I'm getting their vaccine 123 years later.  Trust the scientists, not the charlatans.


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