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New York Stock Brokers: Edward L. Oppenheim & Company

E.  L.  O.  & Co.
NOV    16    1900

Dave Thompson scan

The New York Times, January 1, 1886:


Among the prominent banking and brokerage firms of New York that of E. L. Oppenheim & Co. has always been looked upon as one of the very strongest.  It was established in 1862, and has always promptly met each and every one of its engagements.  The offices of E. L. Oppenheim & Co. are at Nos. 51 and 53 New street and No. 42 Broadway, with a branch at No. 91 Leonard Street.  They transact a general banking and brokerage business in stocks of all kinds, bonds, petroleum, cotton, grain, provsions, etc.  They are members of the Cotton and Stock Exchanges of New York, and also of the Chicago Board of Trade, the latter place being connected with their New York office by private wire.  The members of the firm are Edward L. Oppenheim and Walter Del Mar.

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