Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Price of an RB29 Top Plate Bock

I don't own this either.  Steve Wittig does, and he is currently selling it on Ebay for $3,295.  See here:  Wittig Ebay RB29 Plate Block.  I wonder where the demand is for this type of materiel selling for this much these days.

There is quite a mismatch between the block from yesterday's post fetching only a fraction of its catalog value at auction and the price of this plate block.  I think I recall a Michael Aldrich catalog from probably 2 years ago in which this block was posted for sale, and it was even labeled as "ex-Wittig."  If this is the same block (I recall the centering being the same and there are just too few of these) then it doesn't appear if the block was ever ex-Wittig.  Whatever the case, much patience will be required to get the price being asked for this item.  Somewhere out there is a collector that might want it at the price.  Maybe not. Especially if it has been for sale for more than 2 years!

Post script April 2010:  It is likely that the block above was probably consigned to Mr. Aldrich for a period.   It likely never sold during the contracted period and was returned to Mr. Wittig.  So at least in terms of possession there was an "ex" period for this block.

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