Monday, July 27, 2009

Graded Stamps: Degrade your collection with 1898 Revenues today!

Send your stamps today to 1898 Revenues to participate in our exclusive stamp collection degrading service. Whether you send us stamps that we grade at 90 or above, or the now obsolete and once thought collectable fine-very fine revenue or postage stamp, we'll degrade your collection better than any stamp grading service, and at a cheaper price. We'll make sure that you know that the typical stamps in your collection that you've spent a life putting together are not worth much, while a random stamp in your collection that we grade at 95 or higher might be worth more than everything else you own.

Let us degrade you and your collection today! Give us the power over you! Take a gamble that we can make you wealthy. Just like gold mining, the only people sure to get rich were selling miners the tools, clothes and food they needed. Give us a chance to get rich, and let us degrade your collection today.

Let's see what some satisfied customers have written:

I combed over my collection that took a lifetime to put together and sent 1898 Revenues my best stamps so they could expertly grade them. Of the 20 stamps I sent of the thousands in my collection, 3 came back graded 90 or higher. I felt degraded and very happy. Thank you 1898 Revenues!
---Richard Pliskin, Flushing N.Y.

I always got bad grades in school. But now I own my own 1898 Revenues Graded stamp! Thanks 1898!
---L.O.L., Altoona, PA

I've been collecting for years, but never felt complete until I started collecting 1898 Revenues Graded Stamps. I've spent nearly $5 million in the past year on graded stamps and I now have 462 little plastic cases of really pretty and neatly centered stamps. Gosh I love philately! Thanks for showing me what collecting and real philately is all about guys...
---Andrew Rockefeller Carnegie Vanderbilt VIII.

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