Sunday, April 26, 2009

Railroad Cancels: 1898 - 1902 Components of the BNSF -- Part 2: The Northerns

The BNSF was created through the merger of two of the greatest American railroads, the Burlington Northern and the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe RR, usually known as the Santa Fe.
The Burlington Northern was created through the merger of 4 railroads:
The Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad
The Northern Pacific Railway
The Great Northern Railway
The Spokane, Portland and Seattle Railway.

BNSF route map. Mainlines of the 4 railroads comprising the 1970 merger can be seen on this map.

The Burlingtons featured in the previous post. The Great Northern and the Northern Pacific were both controlled by James J. Hill but were never fully merged. The Great Northern was Hill's creation and was built carefully, building business and settling populations as it laid it rail. The NP was built in greater haste with a view to reaching the Pacific quickly. It became a financial drain and remained so for years.

Logo for the Northern Pacific Railway. I have no image of any Northern Pacific cancels. If anybody can help me with one, please let me know.

The logo and stamp for the Great Northern have featured in a previous post.

Route map for the Great Northern Railway. The Burlington railroads and the two Northern railroads make up much of the upper half of the current BNSF system.