Tuesday, July 2, 2024

Buyer Beware: Another Misrepresented Partially Rouletted One Cent Documentary Pair

The same dealer (ASDA no less) keeps posting the same partially rouletted pair on Ebay for $65, worth $8.00 in my 2022 edition of the Scott US Specialized, hoping someone will bid. Caveat Emptor.  I'm sure the dealer knows what he's up to, especially since he lists the stamp with the correct catalog number for the part perf, and posts the cert which clearly states the pair is imperf horizontally only.  Yet he states the pair is imperforate.  The true imperf pairs catalog for $600.  The part perf or part rouletted pairs are relatively common; the true imperf pairs are somewhat rare.  Whoever paid to get the pair certified spent more than the pair is worth.

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