Sunday, October 4, 2009

Cancel for October 4: Scofield, Shurmer & Teagle

S. S. & T.
OCT      4   1899

Scofield, Shurmer and Teagle were featured on this blog back on August 6.  The company was a major competitor to Rockefeller's Standard Oil even though there were family connections between Rockefeller and one of SS&T's partners.  Rockefeller would take control of SS&T and make the son of one of SS&T's partners a key manager in his empire.

Many railroad cancels are featured in this blog including those of the Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railroad.  The LS&MS was caught up in a law suit smaller oil companies like SS&T brought against Standard Oil for negotiating and demanding cheaper freight charges for carrying oil while forcing the LS&MS to charge competitors more.

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