Sunday, January 21, 2024

Insurance Agent Cancels: T. K. Wilkins of Lima, Ohio


from Best's Insurance Reports, 1902

T. K. Wilkins and his buddies at the Amazon Insurance Company were up to dodgy stuff.  According to the folks at Best's, Wilkens and his partners were running an unlicensed, "underground" insurance company.  Best reports that Wilkens et al., "evidently fear [investigation] by outsiders.  There is no reason for their refusal to furnish details [of the character of their assets]."  Best's final conclusion: "The statement (shown above) is a ridiculous document.  On the basis of the unearned premiums shown among the liabilities the company's net income cannot be more than $250 a month."

Wilkins is listed as the Secretary for Amazon Insurance.  It is not clear that the Lima, Ohio canceled stamps below were used on Amazon documents, though Amazon Insurance was based in Lima despite having been incorporated in West Virginia.  Maybe Wilkins' descendents can sue Jeff Bezos over the use of the Amazon name?


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