Sunday, June 30, 2024

Pittsburgh Stock Brokers: A Checklist

I'm not quite ready for prime time on this task.  As some of you may know, with support of David Thompson I have built a database of all the NYSE brokers and their firms during the 1898 tax period.  There is now a project underway to add a new sheet to the same spreadsheet for Pittsburgh broker cancels.  Subsequently I'll fill out the Chicago, Boston, Philly, and a few other exchange lists of brokers on new sheets in that same spreadsheet.  The database/spreadsheet will allow for initial and name searches for cancels on the 1898 dollar values, and should roll up a significant fraction of possible cancels on those stamps.  Stay tuned for an update, and if you are interested in this collecting tool, please write to me directly at the email address listed on the page.

The database looks like this:

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