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Insurance Company Cancels: The Travelers Insurance Company


34th Annual Statement of The Travelers Insurance Company from January 1, 1898.  The company paid nearly $6 million in life and accident claims in 1897.  The company was selling buckets of insurance by 1898, requiring the use of tens of thousands of battleship tax stamps.  This post features just a few of those stamps used and canceled directly by The Travelers.

The Travelers "mini-album" contained two types of Travelers handstamped cancels.  The first type is a circular date stamp of which only a few examples were included in the book.  The second type is a simple initial straight line cancel, for which there are hundreds of examples in two different colors and on all the stamps from R161 to R168.


For the initial cancels, the mini-album included two different colors of the cancel, blue and violet.  The R161 examples included only blue cancels.  

T. I. Co.
NOV 23 1899



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