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Silsbee, Baker & Geer, Insurance


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From The Register of the Lynn Historical Society, 1915:

Frederick Elisha Baker, the son of Ezra and Jennie (Dexter) Baker was born in Lynn, July 13, 1853, and died in Windham, N. H., July 1, 1915. 

After a course in the public schools of Lynn he entered Wilbraham Academy.  During most of his life he made his home in his native city, though he resided for a time in Somerset, Mass., and in Windham, New Hampshire.

Mr. Baker was widely and most favorably known from his connection with the real estate and insurance business and his sound judgment on all matters pertaining to this business was generally recognized. For many years he was associated with his father as Ezra Baker & Son ; then as Baker, Marshman & Baker; but, upon the death of his father, the firm became merged into the company of Silsbee, Baker & Geer; later as Silsbee, Baker, Geer & Ingalls, which became by far the strongest of its kind in Lynn.

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