Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Samuel Simpson & Company


David Thompson scan & hightlight

There is little history available to me on Mr. Simpson and his company, save for the report of a legal case between owners of the firm Samuel Simpson & Company in the 1901 Pennsylvania State Reports.

Samuel Simpson & Company was reported to be in the business of importing and selling goat skins and other merchandise at 429 North Third Street in Philadelphia. 

Due to legal issues in a firm in which a J. Harry Lyons was involved, he could not become a partner in a new firm.  Samuel Simpson & Company was established when the mother of J. Harry Lyons, Elizabeth J. Lyons, established a firm with Mr. Samuel Simpson in which J. Harry Lyons would be employed with a salary. 

The firm Samuel Simpson & Company would be reasonably successful, but with the end of the partnership in March 1899, Mr. Simpson treated Mr. Lyons as his true partner and refused to open the books of the firm to Elizabeth Lyons.  Hence the court case ensued.

By the date of this cancel in August 1899 it is clear that some aspects of the firms operation were still underway after March 1899. 

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