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Boston Stock Brokers: Lawson, Arnold & Company

New York Daily Tribune, November 21, 1900

JUL  12  1901

Langlois scan

Thomas Lawson in his photo as a member of the New York Stock Exchange firm Lawson, Weidenfeld & Company

The Boston Evening Transcript, December 27, 1899:


By the Formation of a New Firm the Copper Leader Realizes His Ambition

The announcement that the governing board of the Boston Exchange, at a meeting yesterday, voted not to interpose objections to the admission of Thomas W. Lawson to the brokerage firm of Allen Arnold & Co., marks the climax of the ambition of the copper magnate in certain local directions and greatly interests the street, coming as it does at a time when Mr. Lawson is reported as having been of material assistance to several brokerage houses in enabling them to tide themselves over the threatening situation which the financial community was called upon to face a week or more ago.  Until recently there had been reason to believe that the influence of some of the most powerful houses in the street would be actively exerted towards strict enforcement of the Stock Exchange rule, that new partners in brokerage houses must be satisfactory to the governing committee, but Mr. Arnold appeared before the committee yesterday and made statements of such a nature that the opponents of Mr. Lawson could not see their way clear to raise objections to his admission to the firm.

Mr. Lawson has never before been represented in the Boston Stock Exchange, although he has figured in the New York exchange through Camille Weidenfeld of Lawson, Weidenfeld & Co., which has a branch office in State Street, Boston.  This firm will now, it is stated, go into liquidation after January 1, Mr. Weidenfeld retiring, and the new Boston firm will be known as Lawson & Arnold, of which the stock exchange member is Allen Arnold.  This firm will occupy the quarters of Lawson, Weidenfeld & Co., in State Street, and its own quarters in the Sears Building will be taken by the Winthrop National Bank, whose quarters in the Ames Building will, in turn, be occupied by the Old Colony Trust Company, which wants more room.

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